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The Courtroom Concepts Advantage:
Courtroom Concepts unites two of the most talented and knowledgeable professionals in the rapidly evolving demonstrative evidence and trial support industry. Together the company’s principals offer many years of experience working for some of the state’s most successful plaintiff and defense attorneys.
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  Our mission is to help attorneys persuade jurors, judges, and mediators by telling a clear, compelling visual story aligned with their case’s themes and strategies.  

Courtroom Concepts is committed to understanding and advancing our clients’ cases.

As part of the legal team—both behind the scenes and in the courtroom—we take an active role in advising attorneys on how visuals can provide them a clear advantage.

Courtroom Concepts does not adapt clients’ stories into dull, ineffective templates. All our visuals and services arise out of each case’s unique themes and strategies.

Looking good is good, but looking good is not enough. It’s the thought behind the visual that counts. The visual lives in the juror’s minds and effective presentations connect the themes of the case to the evidence and draw the decision maker to an inescapable conclusion. That requires experience and expertise.
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