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Litigation Support  

When it’s show time, Courtroom Concepts’ litigation support services ensure attorneys seamless presentations in a fail-safe high-tech environment. With their sophisticated video-editing capabilities and technological savvy, our trial consultants allow you to argue your case with complete confidence in your visual support team. You will have confidence knowing when you are examining a witness with that crucial trial exhibit it will be displayed with precision and timing as you hammer home your most important elements of the exhibit.  
  • Trial Consultants
  • Electronic Document Presentation Systems
  • Deposition Trial Software
  • Video Editing
  • Equipment Rental

—For Flawless Visual Presentations

  Current Concepts:  
  Adobe Article  
  Adobe Video  
  Courtroom Concepts brings to the courtroom years of experience running smooth, efficient trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. To provide attorneys dependable, flexible support, we serve as a courtroom specialist, knowing how presentations are constructed, how to make changes to the visuals, and how to repair the occasional computer glitch.

As trial consultants, Keith and his team:
  • double-check all equipment prior to proceedings
  • run the computer presentations—often multi-tasking, toggling between computer programs, and responding to attorneys’ requests as they arise
  • troubleshoot technological issues with the equipment or the presentations
  • remain in contact with Courtroom Concepts’ home office, sending in requests for additional visuals or requested revisions

As paperless trials become the norm, attorneys are learning—sometimes the hard way—that electronic document presentation involves much more than scanning,

Courtroom Concepts provides professional imaging and documentation presentation systems. After scanning, we remove stray marks and smudges from the exhibits, then straighten and rotate them so they appear on screen in easily readable form.

Our document presentation systems allow exhibits to be called up efficiently in the courtroom. The trial consultant can move swiftly from page to page and document to document and can zoom in and highlight for maximum impact.


Unlike most litigation support companies, Courtroom Concepts can provide attorneys the full capabilities of digital video editing and presentation software. We synchronize the electronic deposition transcript to the digitized video. Prior to trial, we edit the videotaped depositions according to attorneys’ page-and-line designations. In trial, we can call up designations “on-the-fly” for impeachment clips and similar uses.

We link exhibits referred to during the testimony to the relevant video clips—a service attorneys always value once they see it in action. Viewers see the video clip, the captioned text, and the document on the same screen. During trial, the trial consultant can then zoom into and highlight key text to underscore important testimony.


—For PowerPoint Presentations and Stand-Alone Video Clips

  Traditional video editing creates video clips that can easily be brought into PowerPoint presentations or viewed through software such as Windows Media Player. This type of straight run editing is preferred for most presentations, or for deposition clips that will not require future “on-the-fly” edits.  

—Sophisticated, Dependable Technology

Few firms can consistently provide the high-end equipment necessary to present visuals in a fail-safe environment. Courtroom Concepts offers our clients full-powered laptop computers with the resources necessary to present visuals efficiently and swiftly advanced projectors technology that hides behind-the-scenes computer work from jurors equipment for presenting last-minute hard-copy documents portable scanners for on-site scanning high-quality audio systems every conceivable connection device.

Attorneys rely on Courtroom Concepts’ equipment because they know they can count on it when it matters most.


  For more information, e-mail Keith at or call 713-651-9333  
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