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When it’s crunch time before mediation, attorneys rarely have a minute to spare. Here are some practical ways you and your support teams can work more efficiently with your graphics partner so you can focus your energies elsewhere

Provide Courtroom Concepts the most current pleading as soon as you schedule your mediation. The more we can learn about your case early on, the more prepared we will be to assist you in developing effective visuals.

- Send us an outline of your mediation story. Even listing a few basic categories can focus your arguments and reduce the time you will spend later reorganizing the slides.

  Current Concepts:  
  Adobe Article  
  Adobe Video  

- Consider how long you will have to make your case before the mediator. A one-hour presentation consists of roughly 85 slides. Presentations typically get pared down during revisions, but if you can keep your drafts to a manageable number of slides, you can reduce expenses and save yourself some long nights.

- Encourage your support teams to send materials to Courtroom Concepts in a manner that increases efficiency. Providing text for slides that is typed, proofed, and in digital form greatly speeds the process. Video editing can be time-consuming, so have tapes, DVDs, and ASCIIs sent to us as early as possible with pre-proofed page/line designations. Send two sets of documents for scanning—a clean copy and a highlighted version indicating the callouts. Photos and illustrations should also be provided as soon as possible. Designate a point person whom Courtroom Concepts can contact with any questions about the materials.

- Create headers for document and graphic slides that hammer home your point. Writing the headers may prod you to examine

The sooner Courtroom Concepts can supply you with a draft presentation, the longer you will have to refine it and practice it prior to show time—and the less likely you’ll encounter sticker shock at the end of the process. Remember, the beauty of technology is that nothing is set in stone. All Courtroom Concepts presentations are works in progress until our clients tell us they are ready to make their case.

To learn more about how Courtroom Concepts can help you make your case, please visit us online at or call Keith Cartwright at 713-252-5087

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