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In 2006, attorneys with technological expertise on their side are going to have an even greater advantage in the courtroom. The new Harris County courthouse, which is slated to open early next year, is embracing the 21st century in a big way by going digital. It is already possible to file documents electronically, but in the future the possible may become “The Expected.” At a minimum, in some courtrooms voluminous boxes of paper will be a thing of the past. Many judges will require attorneys to submit exhibits electronically and to be able to call them up electronically during trial, a process which will be facilitated by the new courtrooms’ advanced wiring.

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To save costs, some law firms may attempt to keep their document scanning and preparation in-house, while others may be tempted to seek out budget services from photocopying chains. However, attempting to cut corners on a relatively inexpensive—but crucial—part of your case may not be a good idea.

There is No Room For Error when creating a good document presentation system for use in trial. The process requires meticulous, painstaking work that goes beyond merely scanning the documents.  During trial you want a system that allows you to move through the documents quickly, seamlessly and without a moment’s confusion. You need every page—the correct page—to appear instantaneously and to be clean, sharp, and properly numbered. In addition, the most effective system will let you highlight and zoom into key passages in a flash. Such systems should be created by a litigation firm like Courtroom Concepts that has years of trial experience and a strong commitment to providing attorneys flawless presentations.

The new digital courthouse will no doubt also inspire more lawyers to leverage technology’s power to tell stories and explain difficult concepts to jurors who have become accustomed to—and have come to expect—messages accompanied by images and interactivity. Whether you need assistance creating a multimedia presentation, an animation, or a documentation presentation system, Courtroom Concepts is your visual partner in the digital courtroom.

To learn more about how Courtroom Concepts can help you make your case, please visit us online at or call Keith Cartwright at 713-651-9333.


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