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Courtroom Concepts has the honor to provide our visual litigation support expertise to some of the finest lawyers in the country. Recently we assisted in some outstanding results and below are a few examples of how Courtroom Concepts can assist you:

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On the plaintiff’s side, Courtroom Concepts assisted Fred Hagans and Kendall Montgomery in a complex breach of contract and tortious interference jury trial. The Verdict: a damages award of $83.5 million dollars.  Fred Hagans said "Keith did a great job of making the trial presentations, including individual exhibits, a seamless part of the trial.  At the conclusion of the trial, several jurors asked that I tell Keith what a good job he did and how much it helped them understand the case."
Led by John Thomas, Hicks Thomas successfully defended a 10-year, high-stakes lawsuit in which the City of Modesto California had sought $162 million in damages against R.R. Street & Co.  The jury verdict for Thomas’s client: no liability.  John Thomas said: "Courtroom Concepts was an integral part of our trial team.  From jury selection to closing argument, they worked tirelessly to get the job done.  After six months of trial covering numerous contaminated sites, Nancy Rose and her team excelled at developing tools to organize the evidence and graphics to simplify complex concepts.  This group is my new "go to” trial support team."
After an exceptional mediation presentation by Courtroom Concepts, Nick Nichols, Daniel Horowitz and George Chandler achieved a substantial confidential settlement for their client in an automobile personal injury case.  Nick Nichols said “Your expertise and excellent animation presentation were extremely beneficial in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.  We sincerely enjoyed working with you and thank you so much for a job so very well done.”

To learn more about how Courtroom Concepts can provide visual support to your firm’s winning strategy; please call Keith Cartwright at 713-651-9333. Also, you can check out our extensive library of successful visuals at

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