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Current litigation economics has shown that mediations have become more of a necessity.  With the mediation table more frequently becoming the final battleground of cases, attorneys are bringing more ammunition with them to the win the battle.

Because mediations are yielding more results than in the past, they are beginning to be more competitive in all aspects.  One example is that they are becoming more competitive by bringing professional visual presentations to the table.  Mediation visual presentations are more helpful because they provide the attorney huge advantages during the opening session, such as:

  • Displaying visual evidence for greater impact
  • Psychological edge during negotiations
  • Showing the opposing counsel your ability to educate jurors on the complexity of your case
  • If the negotiations fail, you are visually ready for Trial

Just a few years ago, high end presentations were the exception in the courtroom. Now they are commonplace.  This is also beginning to happen with mediations. Be prepared!

The competition is intense.  The more ammo you have, the better chances of winning the battle. Let us be part of your arsenal at mediation. We have a great deal of experience helping lawyers win.
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If you have created an in-house presentation then you already understand how visuals can impact your case.  Good job!  Now let us make it better. Once you have brought in the initial data, let us reformat the presentation into a visual polished high end professional presentation.  We can and will assist you with your victory.

We will help you settle with more!

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